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Cheap Online Divorce

How Online Divorce Lawyer Works

If you are looking for a cheap online divorce lawyer, which you probably didn’t think existed, welcome to the end of your search.

Find Your Local Online Divorce Lawyer

Go to the Online Divorce Lawyer Finder.

Enter your 5-digit home zip code.

Compare the Online Divorce Lawyers in your area.

Review the fees and services offered.

Interview them as necessary to find the best fit for YOU.

Hire Your Local Online Divorce Lawyer

Select the best Online Divorce lawyer for your case.

Hire that Online Divorce lawyer.

Make payment according to your agreement.

Consult with your Online Divorce lawyer.

Discuss any issues and map out any strategies for the handling of your case.

Hire Your Local Divorce Lawyer

Log Into Your Account

Your Online Divorce Lawyer will create your account.

You will receive an account opening email with your user ID and temporary password.

Log into your Online Divorce Lawyer account and change your password to a secure password that you will remember.

Click on “Begin Interview” and begin entering your information.

Complete Your Online Interview

Complete the secure Online Divorce Lawyer interview from the comfort of your home or office.

The Online Divorce Lawyer interview can take as little as 25 minutes to complete, though an average time is more like 60-120 minutes, particularly if there are minor children or much property/debt.

You can complete the Online Divorce Lawyer interview in multiple sessions. Most clients take 2 – 5 sessions. All data is saved on our secure servers.

Rely on the built-in context-sensitive help system.

However, your Online Divorce Lawyer will be standing by for any consultation and legal advice. You will not be alone.

Complete Online Divorce Pro Interview

Check Your Online Interview

When you have completed your Online Divorce Lawyer interview, you simply click on”Check My Interview.”

That will check your interview for completion and activate your Online Divorce Lawyer.  S/he is advised that you have completed your interview and are ready to proceed to file your case.

Your Online Divorce Lawyer will contact you after downloading and reviewing your completed legal documents ready to be signed and filed at court.

Consult With Your Online Divorce Lawyer

Consult again with your Online Divorce Lawyer.

Review all documents with your Online Divorce Lawyer. Make any changes and re-download as necessary. Sign all documents.

Follow up on any remaining legal issues and strategies and receive legal advice as needed.

File your case at court under the guidance of your Online Divorce Lawyer.  It’s easy!

Meet WIth Your Online Divorce PRO Lawyer