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California divorce is not easy, and we are not telling you that it is.  It is a process designed by lawyers to make you hire an expensive California lawyer.

According to a recent Insider Monkey nationwide survey, using data developed by Bloomberg, California has the second hardest divorce procedure in the country, and according to a recent survey by GoBankingRates, California has the most expensive divorce procedure in the whole country.

So what do you do if you need an easy California divorce to the maximum extent that it can be easy?  That IS easy!  

You look for a company that offers a Best of Both Worlds option. And you just found that company.

Since the Internet, California divorce consumers have had only 2 choices for their uncontested divorces:

  • get cheated by a bunch of unlicensed, un-regulated, incompetent, fraudulent, low-quality, up-selling online divorce mills, many located in Ukraine, Mexico or India
  • get cheated by a traditional California divorce lawyer who only knows (and wants you only to know) how to scare the crap out of you about what terrible thing will happen in your uncontested divorce if you do not pay his or her $3500-$7500+ retainer fee and $350-$450 per billable hour after s/he has burned through the retainer.

Online Divorce Lawyer gives you a third option.  You can now get the low-cost, convenience and self-empowerment of online divorce PLUS the safety and security of a California lawyer on your team for a flat fee.

You know your price up front. You know what services will be provided. You know that you will only pay more if, and only if, your case becomes contested or some additional services are needed. Even then, you only pay more if you agree. There is no endless billable hour treadmill as with a traditional lawyer.

Your case remains an easy California divorce as much as the law and procedure permits. 

The Benefits of Online Divorce

Online divorce is made for California uncontested divorce. The California  paperwork and procedural burdens are large and complex. Wicked cool online divorce software crushes those burdens.

That means with Online Divorce Lawyer you can save time, money and stress by completing the online divorce process from the comfort of your own home. Online Divorce Lawyer is as easy as California divorce gets.

The Importance of a California Lawyer

While online divorce is a convenient and affordable option, it’s important to have the best California divorce lawyer on your team to ensure that your rights are protected throughout the divorce process. 

And should any problem arise or the case becomes contested, you already have a California divorce lawyer on your team who already knows your case.

What if my spouse doesn’t agree to the divorce?

If your spouse does not agree to the divorce, what matters is what s/he does about it. If your spouse disagrees with anything and will not cooperate, but does nothing to contest the case, your divorce can still proceed as what is called a true default. It remains an uncontested divorce as long as your spouse does not file a Response to contest the case.

If that happens, as above, you have a California lawyer on your team to take care of the additional legal services required at that point. You will always be advised and informed about the procedure and the inevitable additional costs.

How do I get started with online divorce?

Getting started with our online divorce service is easy. Simply call 1-800-DIVORCE or complete and submit the web form below to be contacted by your local Online Divorce Lawyer. 

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