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Welcome to Online Divorce Lawyer for a fast divorce in California. If you have made the difficult personal decision to terminate your marriage or domestic partnership in California, Online Divorce Lawyer offers an uncontested divorce solution that is as fast and stress free as it can possibly be.

What is a Fast Divorce?

Regrettably, a fast divorce in California is not very fast. 

Benefits of online divorceDespite many rumors and much wishful thinking, a California divorce CANNOT become effective or final until 6 months plus one day from the date on which the Respondent (the party who did NOT file the initial papers in the case) was served with process or filed an Appearance, whichever occurred first.

Here’s section  2339(a) of the California Family Code: “(a) Subject to subdivision (b) and to Sections 2340 to 2344, inclusive, no judgment of dissolution is final for the purpose of terminating the marriage relationship of the parties until six months have expired from the date of service of a copy of summons and petition or the date of appearance of the respondent, whichever occurs first.”

While no California divorce can be final in less than 6 months, you can still move as fast as is possible on the divorce process itself. In other words, you can get all of the steps in the divorce process completed as quickly as possible, dependent on the facts and circumstances of your case. That is what the Online Divorce Lawyer system is designed to do.

A major circumstance of your case is which county your case is filed in. Courts in different counties move at different speeds. For example, at this writing, San Bernardino County is one of the fastest counties at 2-3 weeks from date of submission of proposed judgment to that judgment actually being signed by the judge. Remember always that the 2-3 weeks is not as significant as you might hope because of Family Code 2339(a) (see above).

San Diego and Santa Clara Counties, on the other hand, are among the slowest counties at 15-16 weeks for a judge to sign a proposed judgment.

A California uncontested divorce is a perfect example of a type of divorce that can be completed fast (but remember, never in less than 6 months and always at the speed of your county). A California uncontested divorce is a divorce in which neither party is legally disputing any issue, including the divorce itself.

From a practical perspective, do not consider your divorce as uncontested if it is technically uncontested but it contains complex legal issues, has a very high net value of the marital estate, or involves domestic violence or the threat of domestic violence. Such technically uncontested cases require full traditional lawyer representation and should not be attempted to be process as online divorces. Fortunately, you can still contact your local Online Divorce Lawyer to handle such matters in the traditional way. These will be more expensive divorces and not fast divorce in California.

How to Get a Fast Divorce in California

Getting a fast divorce in California (the fastest possible) is automatic with OnlineUncontested Divorce Lawyer Divorce Lawyer. Your Online Divorce Lawyer will guide you through the process step-by-step, ensuring that all the necessary paperwork is completed correctly and efficiently for filing at court (e-filing where available) and/or serving on your spouse/partner.

To get started, simply contact your local Online Divorce Lawyer by calling 1-800-DIVORCE or completing the web form below.

After a strategy session to determine the issues and potential problems in your case, you’ll have a choice of flat fee uncontested divorce packages. Select the one that best suits your case and budget.

You’ll receive an account opening email. Log in to your Online Divorce Lawyer online interview. Answer all questions in our inter-active interview, complete with video and other helpers.

When you are finished with the interview (typical delay is 45-90 minutes depending on minor children and property/debt involved- you can complete the interview in multiple sessions from the comfort of your home), your Online Divorce Lawyer will download and review your fully prepared legal documents for filing (e-filing where available). A further strategy session will be provided for assessment of any remaining issues.

Why Choose Online Divorce Lawyer?

Choosing Online Divorce Lawyer for your fast divorce in California has many advantages.

You will avoid the fraud, incompetence, hidden fees and aggressive up-selling of the unregulated non-lawyer online divorce mills, many of them located in Ukraine, India or Mexico.

You will also avoid the dishonesty and over-charging of traditional California lawyers who will not ever tell you that your simple uncontested California divorce does not require their full-representation service which includes their $7500-$10000+ retainer fees and $400-$450 billable hour treadmill once the retainer has been burned up.

Your Online Divorce Lawyer offers a Best of Both Worlds option.  The Online Divorce Lawyer system provides you the low cost, convenience and self empowerment of online divorce in your simple uncontested divorce PLUS the safety and peace of mind of having a local California divorce lawyer on your team should your case blow up or should the circumstances of your case dictate additional legal services. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about getting a fast divorce in California:

What is the difference between a contested and uncontested divorce?

A contested divorce is one in which the couple cannot agree on all the terms of their divorce, while an uncontested divorce is one in which the couple has agreed on all the terms of their divorce.

How long does a fast divorce in California take?

6 months, without any exceptions. See details above.

Can I still get a fast divorce if my spouse is not willing to cooperate?

If your spouse is not willing to cooperate but will not actually dispute the case, so that your case remains uncontested, you may still be able to get a fast divorce within the 6 month minimum, depending mostly on the county in which the case is filed. See above.

What are the fees for a fast divorce in California?

The fees for a fast divorce in California vary depending on the complexity and issues of your case and the services you want. Most Online Divorce Lawyers will have multiple flat fee uncontested divorce packages to offer you.  Whichever package you select, you will always know the cost up front and what is included in that package.

Do I need to go to court for a fast divorce in California?

In most cases, you will not need to go to court for a fast divorce in California. It is ALWAYS the judge’s decision, but your Online Divorce Lawyer will always prepare the documents necessary to avoid a hearing. Most hearings these days are Zoom hearings or similar. You don’t actually have to go to a court.

Can I get a fast divorce in California if I have children?

Yes, if your case remains uncontested, the same procedures are followed at the same rate of speed. The main difference will be that the heavy California divorce paperwork load will be much heavier if you have any minor child of the marriage.

What happens after the divorce is finalized?

You and your spouse/partner will receive a signed entered judgment in the postal mail. The divorce will be final either at midnight on the 6- month date after your spouse/partner was served with process or appeared or it will be final on the date the judge signed the judgment, whichever is later. Online Divorce Lawyer will always aim to complete your divorce in the minimum time span, but do bear in mind that divorce consumers often purposefully delay their own divorce finalization for reasons of their own.

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Get the Best of Both Worlds in Your California Uncontested Divorce

Online Divorce Lawyer

 A very few California divorce lawyers are fighting back against incompetent, often fraudulent, out-of-state online divorce mills. Those unlicensed divorce mills do not know your state’s laws, rules of court, or local court policies.

California Online Divorce Lawyers use unbundled services, cost-reducing wicked-cool online divorce software, flat-fee uncontested packages, cloud computing, and other cost-effective, virtual law practice techniques.

And unbundled lawyer packages mean that you only use the lawyer where you decide you need the lawyer. You avoid the very expensive retainer and billable hour nonsense. You also know exactly what your fee will be up front.

Take advantage of these trends in your own California uncontested divorce hiring decision.  Get a cheap California divorce while protecting your legal and economic interests. And have the insurance policy of a local lawyer on your team. If your case blows up or becomes in need of additional legal services, you already have a California divorce lawyer who knows your case.

Typically, the Online Divorce Lawyer procedure means that the local divorce lawyer will provide a 20-30 minute strategy session and then will prepare and review all of your divorce papers for an affordable flat fee. You will then likely file your own divorce at your local court (It’s easy and most California courts now offer e-filing.) With a California Online Divorce Lawyer, you will only pay for the legal services you need and agree in advance.

If you pay $300-$2500 to an online divorce mill and then pay for their mistakes forever, that’s NOT a cheap divorce.

Online Divorce Lawyer is smart divorce for your difficult times. Divorce better and move on. Get the best of both worlds with a local Online Divorce Lawyer.