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Look. We're Divorce Attorneys. Just Give Us the Big Idea.

Well. OK. Here's the BIG IDEA!

You’re getting beaten out of a TON of local uncontested divorce business that should be yours.

In fact, you’re getting beaten EASILY by a bunch of slick, unqualified, incompetent online divorce mills in another state, Ukraine or India.  They beat you easily because they have a far better idea than you do how to frame their services effectively to your target market.  And their websites, divorce software, inter-related technologies and overall user experience PRIOR to the hiring event are far superior to yours.  

And this is happening to you in your own hometown every day of the week.

Pre-Internet, uncontested divorce paid the rent, and a lot more, for most lawyers in small firm private practice.

When the Internet arrived, it was clear that all verticals, not just those within the legal services industry, that could go online would do so. To those very few of us in computerized divorce in the ’80s and ’90s, it was obvious that uncontested divorce would go online.

When that happened – around 1999, American Bar Associations were like deer in the headlights, except that even deer in the headlights would have seen the potential benefits of online divorce for their membership – not to mention for the divorcing public.

The UK Bar and Law Society embraced online divorce from the very beginning and now have a thriving and safe industry of solicitors offering online divorce. In 2021, online divorce became mandatory in the UK. As a result of that history, no online divorce vacuum came into existence in the UK and accordingly, no such vacuum was available to be filled, as it was in America, with unlicensed online divorce mills.

And those divorce mills, despite their pervasive incompetence and fraud, have been doing incredibly well for 20+ years. Uncontested divorces are now 70-80% of all divorces. Online divorce is made for uncontested divorce. The online divorce industry is thriving.

BTW, you should take a significant note of the fact that online divorce does NOT consist of emailing a 15-page questionnaire to your client and then manually cut-and-pasting client data onto legal docs in Adobe or Word. You will occasionally see a somewhat dishonest lawyer claiming to offer “online divorce” because during C-19 he learned how to do a Zoom conference, but that kind of subterfuge is not what we’re talking about here.

Since the beginning of the Internet, long-suffering American uncontested divorce consumers had two choices: (1) unlicensed, unregulated divorce mills who had no idea what they were doing and have harmed literally tens of thousands of US divorce consumers since about 1999; and (2) traditional full-service divorce lawyers who will not even consider the possibility of offering their target uncontested divorce clients anything but hugely over-priced and almost always completely unnecessary full-service representation.

What a lose-lose choice for uncontested divorce consumers – get cheated or get overcharged for unnecessary services.

Online Divorce Lawyer changes all of that.

Online Divorce Lawyer is a Best of Both Worlds option.  It offers uncontested divorce consumers the convenience, cost-reduction and self-empowerment of online divorce PLUS the security and peace of mind of having a local licensed divorce lawyer on their team with fully scalable flat-fee unbundled packages to accommodate any situation and budget as well as any difficulties or additional requirements that may arise in their cases.

Imagine how savvy, competitive, cost-effective, problem-solving and irresistible you will appear to your targeted uncontested divorce clients when they see your carefully constructed flat-fee unbundled packages for uncontested divorce. Could you construct several such interlocking packages ranging from maybe $797 (for doc-review only) to $1997?

And this is profitable work.  The first California lawyer into our system now handles 25-30 uncontesteds per month at either $695 or $995. He advises that his average case time from beginning to end is less than 1.5 hours per case, including his 20-minute case strategy session.

Strategically, Online Divorce Lawyer enables you to get more uncontested divorces in the door with your lower fee package. Get your limited representation contracts in order so that your clients are always well informed. Construct the rest of your scalable packages to be properly and ethically triggered by specific events in the case. 

Online Divorce Lawyer is a unique new category of legal service. Those don’t come along often.  You will not only be the best Online Divorce Lawyer in your market, but also the ONLY.

In relation to your own firm, all that is missing now is your understanding of the causative components of the problems described above, both for your firm and for your target uncontested divorce clients, and your recognition of the complete and exclusive solution offered to your firm herein.

If that’s a big enough idea for you, please review the options below and drop us a line.

BEGIN to distinguish yourself from the local lawyer crowd.

Online Divorce Lawyer Solutions

Online Divorce Lawyer is a turnkey cloud-based suite of uncontested divorce tools developed for lawyers who wish to fight back and recover local divorce business from slick, unqualified, mostly out-of-state online divorce phonies.

Online Divorce Lawyer service includes our cloud divorce software that gathers case data from your empowered client via a password-protected and encrypted, user-friendly online interview, including a customizable client help system, that s/he completes, in one or more sessions, from the comfort of his or her home or office.  All client data is securely stored on our state-of-the-art servers via an encrypted connection. When the client has completed the online interview, you are automatically advised that s/he is ready to proceed in the case.

On the backend, you have complete control over client account creation (whether the client is the Petitioner or Respondent, whether pro se or traditional representation), all client access (via secure password assignment) and all batch and single-doc downloads of COMPLETED state and local county divorce docs to your internet-connected device in the popular pdf format. Marital Settlement Agreements (and accompanying Attachments to Judgment and Stipulated Judgments where county rules require) are downloaded to your machine in editable Microsoft Word format.  The client has no ability to download any docs.

All batch or single-doc downloads of state and local county forms are immediate (2 to 6 seconds, depending on your connection speed). Modifications of data and re-downloads are easy and unlimited.

You also have at-a-glance access to all critical case data, case tracking info, your private case notes, any special client instructions and the entirety of case data via the 25-35 clickable pages of the interview from your own Online Divorce Lawyer Control Panel.

However, Online Divorce Lawyer is not just powerful and adaptable wicked-cool divorce software. Also available are our managed expert 1-800-DIVORCE Google Ads campaign (at PRO level) and branding of all of your marketing outreach with 1-800-DIVORCE, the best family law brand in the world (strictly available on a first-come-first-served basis in each market).

All Online Divorce Lawyer services are white-label. Everything appears to your client as proprietary to you.

Please review Online Divorce Lawyer service level options below and drop us a line.

There are 2 Ways To Use Online Divorce Lawyer


The Online Divorce Lawyer waiting list is NOT the place to be. Call 1-800-PETEROH or write to [email protected] if you want to get onto the waiting list. 

We’re looking for partners in states other than California. Call or email if you are interested.


Complete Uncontested Divorce Processing Suite
$ 50 per created case
  • Shared White-Label Client Login Portal
  • Client Front End Appears Proprietary to You
  • Client Enters All Data
  • You Control All Downloads
  • Cases Derived From Your Marketing Only
  • Perfect for Flat-Fee Unbundled Packages for Uncontested
  • Perfect for a Virtual Practice - Either Full-time or a Side-Gig
  • No Play, No Pay
  • No Contract, No Credit Card
  • Cases Good For 5 Years


The Online Divorce Lawyer waiting list is NOT the place to be. Call 1-800-PETEROH or write to [email protected] if you want to get onto the waiting list. 

We’re looking for partners in states other than California. Call or email if you are interested.


Exclusive Areas | 1-800-DIVORCE Included
$ 297 - $1197 monthly (plus ad spend)
  • Monthly Based on Population of Area Subscribed
  • No Per Case Charge
  • Custom Client Login Portal
  • Client Front End Appears Proprietary to You
  • Client Enters All Data
  • You Control All Downloads
  • Cases Derived From Our Google Ads Campaign and Your Marketing
  • Perfect for Flat-Fee Unbundled Packages for Uncontested
  • Perfect for a Virtual Practice - Either Full-time or a Side-Gig
  • 1-800-DIVORCE Included as Your Exclusive Brand
  • Cases Good For 5 Years

Compare Features of Basic and Pro Levels of Online Divorce Lawyer Service

Lawyer options
Includes your exclusive use of the 1-800-DIVORCE brand in all of your real-world and digital marketing outreaches targeted to your market area
Includes our managed Google Ads 1-800-DIVORCE lead generation campaign
Includes unlimited consumer phone calls to 1-800-DIVORCE from your subscribed area at no additional cost – whether generated by your marketing or ours; includes cost of inbound calls
Includes unlimited consumer web form submissions from your subscribed area to your inbox at no additional cost – whether generated by your marketing or ours
Automatic Branding and Investment-based marketing: includes unlimited referrals from prior clients via 1-800-DIVORCE
1-800-DIVORCE is always their path back to you; including when they have found you but delay the hiring event. This is the biggest loss of business you’ve already earned. 1-800-DIVORCE always brings them back to you – not to Avvo, Yelp, FindLaw or GMB.
Includes Online Divorce Lawyer’s Turnkey Cloud-Based Uncontested Divorce Document Preparation Service:
Credit Card Required:
Upfront Cost:$0Your monthly ad spend is billed monthly in advance; We recommend a minimum ad spend, based on your subscribed area, but you are free to select your own ad spend at or above the minimum
Equipment Required:NoneJust a land-line or cell line on which to answer 1-800-DIVORCE calls; a separate line is recommended, mostly to stop your SEO/digital agency billing you for 1-800-DIVORCE calls
Monthly Minimum Cost:$0There is a flat-rate monthly fee based on the population of the area (delineated by area codes or zip codes) subscribed. It is billed in arrears on the first of each month for our services received during the prior calendar month.
Cost Per Case for Turnkey Cloud-Based Uncontested Divorce Document Preparation:$50$0
Ups or Extras:NoneNone
Referral Discounts:NoneNext calendar month completely free for each referred attorney (non-competitive | separate market area) who signs up within 30 days of the referral.
First of the Month Invoicing in Arrears – for our services received in the prior calendar month;
Online Interview To Be Completed By Client in Comfort of Home or Office – multiple sessions; all data encrypted and saved securely:
Immediate Downloads (batch or single-doc):
Unlimited Free Corrections and Re-Downloads:
Lawyer Control Panel – case tracking and review of all data:
You Control All Downloads:
You Create Each Client Account and Control All Client Access:
Allows Full Representation or Unbundled Service – such as for pro se doc preparation/review only – you control at each client account creation
Handles opposite sex divorce, same sex divorce and domestic partnerships
Handles uncontested divorce for Respondents
Exclusive Client Portal Address:
Your Client Portal Address:;example:;
examples: or
Sources of Your Leads and Paying Clients:Your marketing outreach – traditional and/or digital; pay-per-click (PPC) or organic (SEO). This is a critical point to understand. If you presently suck at business generation and you sign up for ODL Basic and do nothing else, you will continue to suck at business generation. You’ll just have a very efficient and cheap way to handle your very few cases. On the other hand, if you adopt the ODL Basic flat-fee, unbundled concept of “get them in the door” first and actually broaden/expand your service offerings, there is a vast uncontested market just waiting for lawyers to wise up to that business model.Your marketing outreach – traditional and/or digital; pay-per-click (PPC) or organic (SEO); PLUS Our managed Google Ads 1-800-DIVORCE campaign targeting your market. So this is the full package – a stand-alone turnkey divorce generation and preparation machine.
White Label:
Strictly Subject to Prior Sale:

Online Divorce Lawyer Features



Any Device

Online Divorce Lawyer is a stand-alone turnkey uncontested divorce acquisition, branding and white-label document preparation system.

Here’s what you get if you sign up to become the exclusive Online Divorce Lawyer (PRO level) in your market area:

1-800-DIVORCE: EXCLUSIVE use of the best family law brand in the world, in all of your firm’s divorce marketing outreaches, both digital and real-world, in your subscribed area and non-exclusive use online; Automatic increase in clicks and calls just by using 1-800-DIVORCE prominently on your family law website, in click-to-call buttons placed above-the-fold, SEO titles and descriptions, blog posts, videos, FaceBook, GMB’s, etc. (Don’t let your digital guy tell you that 1-800-DIVORCE violates NAP. 1-800-DIVORCE is additional to NAP, not an adjustment to or replacement of NAP. Your digital marketing guy doesn’t want you to use 1-800-DIVORCE because it’s more productive than he.);

OUR MANAGED EXPERT GOOGLE ADS 1-800-DIVORCE LEAD GENERATION CAMPAIGN: You select your monthly ad spend (at or above the minimum);  geo-targeted to your market area;

PHONE CALL LEADS: Unlimited consumer phone calls to 1-800-DIVORCE from your subscribed area at no additional cost – whether generated by your marketing or ours; no cost for ALL inbound calls – whether generated by your marketing or ours;

WEB FORM LEADS: Unlimited consumer web form submissions from your subscribed area to your inbox at no additional cost – whether generated by your marketing or ours;

DOC-PREP: Unlimited turnkey white-label cloud-based uncontested divorce document preparation service at no additional cost – includes password-protected and encrypted online divorce interview to be completed by your empowered client and complete accurate preparation of all state and local county documents in an uncontested/default case, including MSA; You control all activity through your own secure control panel and download panel; the client has no access to the download function; all California and local forms prepared to your custom specs; (We are seeking lawyer partners in other states)

NEVER-ENDING REFERRALS: (Remember those? If so, your memory is older than Avvo.): Unlimited future referrals by your past clients via 1-800-DIVORCE at no additional cost; American consumers never forget 1-800-DIVORCE and love to refer friends and colleagues;

BUILT-IN ETHICAL UP-SELLING: While ODL is designed for uncontested or default cases, as you know, a percentage of those cases will blow-up into mediated or contested cases and those will be your larger paying cases from the ODL system, though not necessarily your most profitable;

INVESTMENT-BASED MARKETING: All prior satisfied clients will refer to YOU in the future via 1-800-DIVORCE, NOT back to the Avvo, GMB, Justia or Yelp roulette wheels; ODL will be your only source of business that is actually controlled by you;

SECURE CONTRACT: Secure exclusive “life-estate” contract with no long term commitment by you; We can only terminate you for non-payment; You can terminate us without cause at any time after 30 days written notice;

AUTOMATIC BRANDING: All your divorce work, web content and any real-world marketing assets inure ONLY to your own benefit forever; Stop pumping the brands of others; Start to own your email list, answered consumer questions and future goodwill;


NO EQUIPMENT: But a separate phone line for inbound 1-800-DIVORCE calls is recommended so that your digital marketing guy doesn’t try to bill you for said calls unless you wish him to do so due to his own efforts on promoting 1-800-DIVORCE;

VERSATILE: Your bridge to a full or partial limited representation/unbundled and/or virtual law practice; You don’t need that expensive office anymore; 1-800-DIVORCE and ODL are more impressive to your uncontested clients, who don’t even want to see you anymore;

SCALABLE: – Can be used to feed a massive pure family law practice or as a side gig (to a preferred practice like PI, criminal, immigration or estate planning) that requires no public-access office;


ONLY UPFRONT COST IS YOUR FIRST MONTH’S AD SPEND: Friendly invoicing on the first of each month for service received during the prior calendar month plus ad spend for the following month;

LOW COST: Low flat monthly fee (invoiced in arrears for our services) for all of the above – based on the population of the area you subscribe;

CLOSED FACEBOOK GROUP: For exchange of marketing and practice pointers with other non-competitive ODL’s;

BASIC ONLINE DIVORCE LAWYER SERVICE ALSO AVAILABLE: None of the above Pro-level features are included with BASIC, except the turnkey white-label cloud-based divorce document preparation service at $50 per case; So if you are confident and competent to generate all of your own uncontested leads and cases AND the exclusive PRO level of ODL service has been taken in your area, you pay just $50 per case for complete uncontested divorce doc prep – ideal to run a separate unbundled divorce practice, perhaps under a separate PC, to feed a larger family law operation;

Call 1-800-PETEROH for a demo and a quote for your area. There are 40 exclusive California areas. The average area contains just under a million people and has an average $397 flat monthly fee (many areas are $297 monthly) PLUS an average minimum recommended ad spend of $1000 (for an average total monthly cost of $397+ $1000= $1397; 9 densely populated areas cost more, but only if you are lucky enough to be in one of them and act quickly.

ODL PRO-level service is exclusive to your area and is offered strictly subject to prior subscription by your local competitor – you already know which competitor will sign up and he read this 10 minutes ago.

About Our Founder and CEO

Peter J O'Hanlon - Online Divorce PRO

PETER J. O'HANLON, Ll.B. (Hons.), Barrister


I’ve been a barrister in the UK since July 1976. I obtained my law degree at age 20 and was called to the Bar of England and Wales at age 21, the youngest possible age in the UK.  I practiced criminal law in the UK in the late 70’s and later private international business law in California.

I own and operate 1-800-DIVORCE, the nationwide network of independent family lawyers.  I wrote the world’s first complete divorce software package (for California divorce) in 1983-84.  In a joint venture, I put up the world’s first online divorce website at in March 1999. From 1981 to 2001, I owned and operated California Legal Assistance Centers, which pioneered divorce by mail in California in the 80’s and 90’s. I’ve been the founder and CEO of NetDivorce, LLC since 1999. I founded the Online Divorce Association of America in September 2016.

In January 2017, I formed Online Divorce Lawyer, a web-based set of marketing, branding and document preparation tools, developed to assist local family lawyers to fight back and recover the vast amount of divorce business being taken from them by unqualified, often fraudulent, unaccountable and almost completely incompetent online divorce mills located out of state or in India.

I’ve been on the front lines of California divorce since June 1981.


Online Divorce Lawyer: January 2017-Present; CEO and Founder; Developed a low-cost “white label” divorce document preparation service (integrated online interview and document download plus lawyer control panel) to assist local divorce lawyers to fight back cost-effectively to regain the large amount of uncontested divorce work presently being captured by unqualified online divorce mills; The service is being rolled out in California and Michigan to begin, with other states to follow.

Online Divorce Association of America: September 2016-Present; Founding Member and Director; Formed the first professional association of online divorce providers; Wrote a Code of Ethics for the profession; Published a series of educational videos designed to expose the rampant fraud, slick-dealing and incompetence in the online divorce industry in America.

NetDivorce, LLC: 1999-Present; CEO and Founder;  Created the world’s first fully functioning online divorce website at in March 1999. Wrote and upgraded complete proprietary California divorce software package for online use. Created and managed backend for multiple online divorce websites. Responsible for development and management of,  the premier, low-cost, online divorce service specializing in California divorce only.

Legal Marketing Systems, Ltd.: 1991-Present; CEO and Founder; Owns and operates the continent-wide 1-800-DIVORCE network of independent family lawyers. Developed a full array of unique systems (marketing, administration, contractual, online billing and call reporting) to enable the creation and development of the 1-800-DIVORCE network. Wrote a wide selection of original software applications to facilitate billing and other functions of LMS that had to be designed ab initio. Many systems subsequently upgraded to Internet architecture.

General International Law Practice: 1985-1999; Corporate Counsel; World Enterprises USA, Alta Loma, CA; Responsible for providing legal advice on varied issues relating to international trade, negotiating high-value international trade agreements, many requiring US State Department approval, and management of same to a conclusion.

California Legal Assistance Centers, Inc.: 1981-2001; CEO and Founder. Pioneered retail divorce by mail in California. Wrote the world’s first complete divorce software package in 1983-84 (pre-internet; desktop and local network use). Developed a complete array of systems from scratch to enable CLAC to become the world’s busiest divorce clinic for many years in the 80’s and 90’s. Solely responsible for all aspects of management and operations of an extremely high volume divorce clinic (hired an average of 15 times each and every day between 1984 and 1998). Charter Member of California Association of Independent Paralegals. Offices in Riverside and Sacramento.

Private Law Practice: 1976-1979: Barrister in private practice, UK; specializing in Family Law, Criminal Law and Taxation


July 1976: UK Barrister; Called to the Bar of England and Wales by the Honourable Society of Gray’s Inn; Call to the Bar at the age of 21, the youngest possible age.


1975-1976: Completed UK Bar Professional Training Course and Passed UK Bar Exams; City Law School, City University, London, UK (formerly Inns of Court School of Law)

1972-1975: LL.B (with Honours); Graduated Magna Cum Laude; Aberystwyth University, UK (formerly University College of Wales, Aberystwyth); Graduated from law school at age 20.


Married for 43 years. Yes, we do joke that divorce has kept us together. Voracious reader.  Avid cyclist. Still runs 3 miles in 27 minutes.

See What Online Divorce Lawyer Looks Like

Watch our introductory video below.

14 minutes – Watch this shorter video if you have a good grasp of ODL but want to see a working demo.

31 minutes – Watch this longer video for a complete beginning to end description AND demo.

Play Here

Additionally, we’ve set up 2 sandbox accounts for you to play around in. You can log in to each account either as your client or as the lawyer (you).  You’ll be able to change and save data, download batches of docs and single docs as well as view the case from the lawyer’s Control Panel.

One of the sandbox accounts is set up on the Online Divorce Lawyer Basic service level, which is our basic white-label service that uses as its shared client portal.  The other sandbox account is set up at the Online Divorce Lawyer PRO service level, which is also white-label but is branded to the individual law firm and uses as the PRO level law firm’s private client portal.

ODL Service LevelUser IDClient PasswordLawyer PasswordClient Login PortalLawyer Login Portal