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  1. A built-in managed Google Ads campaign that attracts and educates consumers about the existence and nature of Online Divorce Lawyer and how it is advantageous to the consumer as a Best of Both Worlds option for uncontested divorce;

  2. 1-800-DIVORCE – the best family law brand in the world. All calls to 1-800-DIVORCE from your exclusive area, whether generated by our managed Google Ads campaign or your own marketing outreach, are routed to you seamlessly over your existing office or cell phone;

  3. All consumer web form submissions from your exclusive area, whether generated by our managed Google Ads campaign or your own marketing outreach, are routed to your inbox;

  4. An account creation function, controlled by you, to create client accounts post hiring and send the client’s user id and password to her;

  5. A white-label client login portal that resembles the look and feel of your firm’s website. Its address is included in the account creation email and can be linked to from your firm’s website;

  6. An intelligent, password-protected, encrypted online data-gathering interview to be completed by the client in the comfort of her home or office, thereby empowering the client by her input and reducing the cost of data-gathering and the traditional incidence of erroneous or missing case data;

  7. A built-in system of auto-emails that advises both you and the client of critical stages and steps in the progress of the case, including an auto-email to activate you upon completion of the online divorce interview by the client;

  8. A control panel, accessible only by you, to enable access to case data and progress – includes various case manipulation and case tracking tools, a fast and easy “what-if” child support guideline calculator and a downloadable record of all of your Online Divorce Lawyer cases and leads (phone and web form);

  9. A download dashboard, accessible only by you, to enable both batch downloading (filing batch, service of process/disclosure batch and judgment batch) or single doc downloading – includes all Judicial Council and local county uncontested divorce docs in the popular Adobe pdf format AND a Marital Settlement Agreement in Microsoft Word format.

  10. Closed Facebook Group for discussion and non-competitive sharing of experiences regarding California divorce procedure and practice. For example, if you suddenly get an out of county case and want to know what the current filing problems are in that county. You post that question and hopefully member Online Divorce Lawyers in or accustomed to that county will provide guidance to you, as we hope you will for them. Also serves as a non-competitive referral network.