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Online Divorce Lawyer is a turnkey, cloud-based suite of online uncontested divorce tools for lawyers. It includes marketing, branding, lead generation and white-label document preparation components.

Online Divorce Lawyer is designed to enable family lawyers to regain the missing uncontested divorce component of their practices by reducing their costs of case-acquisition, data-gathering, document preparation and case management. Online Divorce Lawyer handles both pro se and full representation scenarios but perhaps works best as an “unbundled” tool that facilitates a high-volume, low-cost, pro se document review service for uncontested or default divorce.

Online Divorce Lawyer handles same-sex divorce, military-Respondents and Domestic Partnerships. Online Divorce Lawyer enables a full or partial virtual practice and is particularly Covid-19 friendly.

Online Divorce Lawyer specifically enables local family lawyers to fight back against unlicensed, unregulated, incompetent and often fraudulent online divorce mills, usually located out of state or in India. Finally, you can go toe-to-toe with the divorce mills in their own stronghold and distinguish the value of your Online Divorce Lawyer service as being “The Best of Both Worlds.”

Online Divorce Lawyer has two service levels. Online Divorce Lawyer PRO includes all marketing, branding, lead-generation and doc-prep components for a flat monthly fee based on the population of the area (delineated by zip codes) you subscribe.  PRO is an exclusive service and is available strictly subject to prior subscription by one of your local colleagues.

Online Divorce Lawyer Basic includes only the white-label doc-prep component at $30 per case – invoiced on the first of the month for all accounts you created during the prior calendar month. BASIC is not exclusive. BASIC is perfect for a law firm that can generate its own uncontested or default cases.

Online Divorce Lawyer is not designed or intended to replace any existing source of business unless you specifically want it to do so.  If you do not presently offer a flat-fee unbundled online divorce service in uncontested or default divorces, then Online Divorce Lawyer will be an ADDITIONAL source of business.