Online Divorce FAQ

Online Divorce FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Need Online Divorce Lawyer To Help Me Hire a Lawyer?

Online divorce is a wise choice for an uncontested divorce. However, the online divorce industry is a swamp. It is unregulated, unlicensed and un-accountable. Most of it is out-of-state.  Some of it is in India. Without Online Divorce Lawyer, your hiring decision would be tricky and dangerous.

Online Divorce Lawyer is a convenient safe gateway to a local LICENSED online divorce lawyer who will save you from the high risk of hiring an unqualified online divorce mill.  It is likely that you are only aware of this Best of Both Worlds possibility because of Online Divorce Lawyer.

You now have other options. You don’t have to hire a high-risk unqualified online outfit for $300-1000 and pay for their mistakes forever. And you also certainly don’t have to hire an old-fashioned local divorce lawyer in your town on a traditional basis and pay him or her $3500-5000 for services you don’t need in your uncontested case.

Not all divorce lawyers have the competitive edge to be an Online Divorce Lawyer. We hope that you will reward those that do.

C'mon. Are the Online Divorce Mills Really That Bad?

Regrettably, yes.  Divorce is a business that went online easily and as early as 1999. Because the online divorce mill could be anywhere in the world and because your state’s laws and consumer fraud regulations don’t apply to them if they are outside your state, they came to realize that they can do almost anything they want to you and your case. You have very little, if any, chance to resolve most frauds that arise.

See a good overview of the rampant fraud from unqualified online divorce mills. Also, see the Online Divorce Association of America which has been trying unsuccessfully to get online divorce mills to agree to a basic Code of Ethics. They won’t.

When the con-men in the divorce mill business see any attempt to name and shame them, all they do is put up another 2 or 3 so-called “online divorce review” sites, which are owned by the divorce mill they recommend.  As a result, unsuspecting divorce consumers are tricked into hiring what they think is a reputable online divorce company.

Until Online Divorce Lawyer launched, the online divorce industry was completely unregulated and dangerous to the legal and economic health of the divorce consumer. You now have a Best of Both Worlds option for your own divorce.

What Are My Online Divorce Lawyer Fees?

Bear in mind that all Online Divorce Lawyers are independently owned and operated.  As such, each Online Divorce Lawyer determines the fees to be charged and the services to be offered.

However, you will find that most Online Divorce Lawyers have recognized the wisdom of offering competitive fees, often at or close to the $300-1000 fee offered by many unqualified divorce mills.  There would be little point to a non-competitive, over-priced lawyer signing up for Online Divorce Lawyer service when we advertise the wisdom of lower fees coupled with unbundled services and numerous virtual law practice techniques.

Most Online Divorce Lawyers are in the $600 to $1000 range per case for an uncontested case on an unbundled basis – where you only use and pay for the services dictated by the facts of your case.  However, this range of fees gets you a legal rights checkup, legal advice and strategy about your case and the insurance policy of having completely scaleable legal services available from a local lawyer who knows your case – should the case blow up or should some other problems develop.

The vastly increased value of such an offer, compared to the risk of using an unqualified divorce mill, makes Online Divorce Lawyers an attractive proposition for a savvy divorce consumer. This is smart divorce for your difficult times.

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