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If you want to get an uncontested divorce in Rancho Cucamonga, California, you may have been curious why there is not a way to get your uncontested divorce through an online divorce lawyer in Rancho Cucamonga All service industries that might possibly move online have already done so. Even if the service in question is conducted at your premises (plumbing, landscaper, roofer, etc), you still find and employ and frequently pay that service provider online. Very many professional services such as banking, insurance coverage, stock trading, etc are done completely online..

In the UK, since 2021, ALL divorces MUST be done online through a lawyer. You can’t file by yourself and you can’t go in to see the lawyer in the conventional manner. So what’s the issue in California? Why no online divorce lawyers?.

California courts permit e-signing and e-filing. Court hearings are done on Zoom or similar. In the C-19 era, you do not want to go see a lawyer and they do not want to see you.

Why isn’t there a substantial online divorce lawyer industry in California?

You may currently recognize part of the answer if you have called around a few divorce lawyers in San Bernardino County You most likely told them that you and your spouse are in agreement in your simple case and you just need the documentation done, evaluated and filed as painlessly and inexpensively as possible. You would like an inexpensive divorce in California.

If you did that, you discovered that the majority of San Bernardino County divorce lawyers do not appear to comprehend this whole web thing. You most likely heard fee quotes in the range of $3500 to $7500+. You were told that those fees might go much higher.

Those are dishonest fees and the lawyers quoting them are dishonest. They are using fee anchoring methods that are worthy of used-car salespersons. Those are the fees lawyers utilized to quote to your grandparents. There is no requirement to be polite to such lawyers. Simply hang up. Do not educate them.

The main reason most San Bernardino County divorce lawyers are dishonest when estimating a $3500 fee for what should be 2 hours of work in an uncontested case is that while they understand about the relatively new law practice technique of offering “unbundled services,” they hope you do not.

So they speak with you solely about conventional full legal representation because they understand that’s where they get to bend you over. That’s where they get to charge you $450+ per hour for basic, simple transactional work that is done by their paralegal or crunched for them by high powered divorce software frequently provided by Online Divorce Lawyer.

That deceitful conventional lawyer keeps you in the dark about the work that s/he actually performs in your case. You are always at a disadvantage when you employ a conventional Rancho Cucamonga divorce lawyer to handle an uncontested divorce because you just do not understand what work is involved for them and they do not tell you.

Unbundled Services/Limited Representation – Best Rancho Cucamonga CA Divorce Attorney

Unbundled legal services transform the strategic balance regarding you and your divorce lawyer in an uncontested divorce. You regain the edge because you control the services offered and the fees charged– or at least, the realities of your case do.

And there becomes a significant difference in what a lawyer can charge you when his or her scope is limited. S/he no longer has unrestricted responsibility plus knowledge of just how much cash you have – nor the substantial retainer charge and billable hour ability that conventional full service provides when they understand just how much cash you have. And they will understand just how much cash you have because you have to disclose that as part of the divorce procedure. So how wise is that?

“Unbundled” services (often called “limited scope representation”) are when you employ a lawyer but only to do particular specified jobs in a case. The lawyer does not provide a conventional full representation in which s/he is responsible for the entire case.

In an uncontested divorce, for example, you would most likely do your own filing of documents at your regional San Bernardino County court. You would handle the simple service of documents on your spouse by a friend or relative, 18 or older. And you would technically be your own lawyer in the case.

The “unbundled” lawyer you employ would normally only provide you with a short strategy session, prepare your documents, evaluate your case, highlight problems, advise you what to do about those problems and evaluate your docs before they are filed at court. That is precisely what you desire from a cheap uncontested divorce lawyer in Rancho Cucamonga.

Normally your unbundled deal would provide a particular amount of phone calls or e-mail replies. Beyond that, you would buy any extra.

This is an extremely effective and affordable method to obtain an uncontested divorce in San Bernardino County.  And as long as you are informed of the precise services that are being delivered by your lawyer for his or her low flat fee and of the prospective triggers to increase those fees, then you are in reasonable control of your case. It becomes more of a buyer’s market. Your lawyer’s charge is not determined by his or her BMW payment.

Another perk of unbundled is that should your case blow up, and once in a while they do, then you have the best divorce lawyer in Rancho Cucamonga who already understands your case and is on your team. Yes, it will cost more if your case becomes disputed, but that would always have held true no matter who you employed, and you will already understand what those extra fees will be.

When you employ a conventional full-service lawyer to manage your uncontested divorce, the substantial fees are a certainty. If you employ an “unbundled” lawyer, those substantial fees solely take place if your case blows up, which usually implies that your spouse unexpectedly contests the case on one or more issues.

Flat charge unbundled is so much better a tactical position for you to be in.

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Uber for Uncontested Divorce –  

My name is Peter O’Hanlon. I’m the CEO and founder of Online Divorce Lawyer. 

Why should you even listen to what I have to say about California divorce? I’ve been a lawyer (barrister) in my native UK for over 40 years. I wrote the world’s first divorce software (for California divorce) in 1983-4. I launched California Legal Assistance Centers on June 1, 1981. I pioneered cheap divorce by mail in California. I was a founding member of the California Association of Independent Paralegals.  In a joint venture, I put up the world’s first divorce online website at in March 1999. I launched NetDivorce, the premier divorce online provider in California, in 1999. I was the founding director of the Online Divorce Association of America in September 2016 and I launched Online Divorce Lawyer, the REAL Uber for California uncontested divorce in November 2018.

I have been on the front line of California divorce since June 1981. I know California divorce inside out.  I know what I’m talking about.

I recognized that since the beginning of the Internet, ignored and long-suffering California divorce consumers have had only three choices for their uncontested divorce cases:

  1. DIY: You used to be able to do your own divorce in California without professional help.  There was a Nolo Press book that showed you how. That was the 1980’s. Then California divorce got complex in very many ways. A recent Insider Monkey study found California to be the second most difficult divorce process in the whole country. By the late-’80s, the Nolo Press book began to tell you in the foreword that the book could no longer be used on its own to get a divorce.  Today, DIY in California divorce is a fool’s errand. You won’t succeed, particularly if you have a job or a life.
  2. Traditional divorce lawyers with $3500 to $7500+ retainer fees that they burn through as fast as possible to get to the $450 per hour billables. No matter how simple and locked tight your uncontested case is, these old-fashioned thoroughly dishonest lawyers will scare the crap out of you with what MIGHT happen if you don’t hire them. They will tell you ANYTHING to get you to pay that retainer. A headache could be brain cancer, but it’s probably not. If you have a headache, you take an aspirin. You don’t call a neurosurgeon. If you have an uncontested divorce in California, you don’t call a $7500+ lawyer.
  3. Unlicensed, unregulated online divorce mills, mostly from out-of-state but many in India, Ukraine, Mexico and the Czech Republic. These are completely incompetent frauds.  Most of them claim a $139 “complete fee,” but when you read their terms you will find that the $139 is a subscription for the first 30 days only. They will then hit your credit card every month until you cancel. I mean every month well beyond the end of your 6-month California divorce. If you read their hundreds of Better Business Bureau complaints, you will find that you can NEVER reach the guy who is able to help you cancel. Some of these now also have ANNUAL fees as well as monthly. If you want your personal data to be cut-and-pasted by someone’s grandmother in Mumbai, an online divorce mill is the way to go.

It’s difficult to figure out whether the conmen in India and Ukraine are worse than the traditional lawyers in San Bernardino County. Certainly, those lawyers are more expensive. The conmen only take a few hundred dollars. Oh, and they will also screw up your divorce so that you will REALLY need a traditional lawyer to get the mess sorted.

So that was the situation Online Divorce Lawyer faced when it said, “No more. There will be a fourth option that is a Best of Both Worlds option – the convenience, low-cost and self-empowerment of online divorce PLUS the safety and security that your divorce is done by a licensed local California divorce lawyer. All at a competitive price to the Ukrainian conmen!”

Our assets were our proprietary software and other client support systems. They are bulletproof. The wicked-cool software is the much-upgraded software I wrote in 1983-4.  It is superb. It crunches all issues in a California uncontested or default divorce. It makes no mistakes. Our various other systems – written instructions, email comms., live chat, auto case updates, online help, video helpers and huge knowledge base are also excellent and all developed and improved over very long periods of time.

So none of the time your Online Divorce Lawyer will spend on your case will be wasted.  None of it is spent on doing repetitive things.  Every minute of that time is spent in analyzing the facts of your case to check for any issues that could develop into problems and in reviewing your legal documents before they are filed at court.

Make the Lawyer Fit Your Case – Don’t Make Your Case Fit the Lawyer

That is the business model that we offer California divorce lawyers when they sign up for Online Divorce Lawyer.  It’s a highly efficient model for uncontested divorce practice. It enables savvy California divorce lawyers (who also offer free consultation) to charge a California divorce cost in the vicinity of $700-$1000 and it is what enables them to offer you, the San Bernardino County divorce consumer a much better and more valuable service (to file divorce online in California) than that offered by the clueless, out-of-state, unlicensed, unregulated online divorce mills or the traditional lawyer fee-gougers. 

Why Not the Best of Both Worlds?

Why would you ever risk your legal and economic future by hiring an unqualified, unregulated out-of-state online divorce mill for $300-1100? They’re going to screw up your case and you will either pay for their mistakes forever or hire the best California divorce lawyer in Rancho Cucamonga to clean up their mess. That’s not a cheap divorce. That’s a dumb divorce. Don’t do it! Why not just start with the best affordable divorce lawyer in Rancho Cucamonga?

Online Divorce Lawyer

We highly commend your local Online Divorce Lawyer to you and we hope that you will reward the problem solving courage of that lawyer in your hiring decision.

Why not have the best of both worlds in your uncontested divorce?  Why not hire the best online divorce lawyer in Rancho Cucamonga – who offers unbundled services at a competitive fee and who will actually conduct a legal rights checkup on your case and review your documents.  Your local Online Divorce Lawyer will use the wicked-cool Online Divorce Lawyer software to crunch your data and documents and you will be using your local Online Divorce Lawyer ONLY where you need him or her.  And if your case blows up, you have the insurance policy of already having the best online divorce lawyer in Rancho Cucamonga on your team and s/he already knows your case.

If the best of both worlds makes sense to you, get started by either of the following options:


Get the Best of Both Worlds in Your California Uncontested Divorce

Online Divorce Lawyer

 A very few California divorce lawyers are fighting back against incompetent, often fraudulent, out-of-state online divorce mills. Those unlicensed divorce mills do not know your state’s laws, rules of court, or local court policies.

California Online Divorce Lawyers use unbundled services, cost-reducing wicked-cool online divorce software, flat-fee uncontested packages, cloud computing, and other cost-effective, virtual law practice techniques.

And unbundled lawyer packages mean that you only use the lawyer where you decide you need the lawyer. You avoid the very expensive retainer and billable hour nonsense. You also know exactly what your fee will be up front.

Take advantage of these trends in your own California uncontested divorce hiring decision.  Get a cheap California divorce while protecting your legal and economic interests. And have the insurance policy of a local lawyer on your team. If your case blows up or becomes in need of additional legal services, you already have a California divorce lawyer who knows your case.

Typically, the Online Divorce Lawyer procedure means that the local divorce lawyer will provide a 20-30 minute strategy session and then will prepare and review all of your divorce papers for an affordable flat fee. You will then likely file your own divorce at your local court (It’s easy and most California courts now offer e-filing.) With a California Online Divorce Lawyer, you will only pay for the legal services you need and agree in advance.

If you pay $300-$2500 to an online divorce mill and then pay for their mistakes forever, that’s NOT a cheap divorce.

Online Divorce Lawyer is smart divorce for your difficult times. Divorce better and move on. Get the best of both worlds with a local Online Divorce Lawyer.