Hello. We are Online Divorce Attorneys. We will save you money by handling your uncontested online divorce while protecting you from the risks of unlicensed online divorce services and the over-charging by traditional full service California divorce attorneys. We'll do all of that at a competitive flat fee. Oh yeah. We're also located in your town. And you can call us on 1-800-DIVORCE.

Don't Try To Make Your Case Fit Any California Divorce Attorney - Find a Local Online Divorce Attorney Who Fits Your Case

Online Divorce Lawyer is your gateway to a set of beneficial trends being used by modern online divorce attorneys.  Those trends include:

1. the use of powerful cloud-based divorce software that cuts costs and is convenient and self-empowering to the client;

2. ”unbundled” legal services, where you only pay for the legal services you actually need and NOT for the unnecessary services dishonest traditional divorce attorneys will tell you are absolutely essential – and also justify their $7500-$10000+ retainer fees;

3. a number of cost-reducing and highly efficient virtual law practice techniques (video conferencing, cloud document sharing, electronic signatures; e-filing at court, where available, etc.); and

4. a refreshingly competitive attitude towards flat fees and fee reduction by a new generation of online divorce attorneys in California.

Those trends are moving divorce consumers like you away from the huge risks of hiring incompetent, unqualified, often fraudulent and completely unaccountable online divorce mills.  

Those trends are also moving divorce consumers away from old-fashioned California divorce attorneys who fail to disclose that traditional full-service/full representation fees are unnecessary in almost all uncontested divorces. 

When it’s a choice between your legal and financial interests and their incomes, traditional California divorce attorneys will always choose their fees.

Divorce consumers like you are realizing that all divorce is local and that almost all uncontested divorce should be online divorce. California divorce consumers are moving back towards the overwhelming advantages of using a local licensed online divorce attorney. 

For their part, local online divorce attorneys have realized that they have the wicked-cool software, other hi-tech efficiencies, the virtual law practice techniques and marketing tools to fight back and save savvy divorce consumers from the high risk of divorce mills and the unnecessary high cost of traditional California divorce attorney fees.



Get the Best of Both Worlds in Your California Uncontested Divorce

Online Divorce Lawyer

 A very few California divorce lawyers are fighting back against incompetent, often fraudulent, out-of-state online divorce mills. Those unlicensed divorce mills do not know your state’s laws, rules of court, or local court policies.

California Online Divorce Lawyers use unbundled services, cost-reducing wicked-cool online divorce software, flat-fee uncontested packages, cloud computing, and other cost-effective, virtual law practice techniques.

And unbundled lawyer packages mean that you only use the lawyer where you decide you need the lawyer. You avoid the very expensive retainer and billable hour nonsense. You also know exactly what your fee will be up front.

Take advantage of these trends in your own California uncontested divorce hiring decision.  Get a cheap California divorce while protecting your legal and economic interests. And have the insurance policy of a local lawyer on your team. If your case blows up or becomes in need of additional legal services, you already have a California divorce lawyer who knows your case.

Typically, the Online Divorce Lawyer procedure means that the local divorce lawyer will provide a 20-30 minute strategy session and then will prepare and review all of your divorce papers for an affordable flat fee. You will then likely file your own divorce at your local court (It’s easy and most California courts now offer e-filing.) With a California Online Divorce Lawyer, you will only pay for the legal services you need and agree in advance.

If you pay $300-$2500 to an online divorce mill and then pay for their mistakes forever, that’s NOT a cheap divorce.

Online Divorce Lawyer is smart divorce for your difficult times. Divorce better and move on. Get the best of both worlds with a local Online Divorce Lawyer.